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For the Love of Papatūānuku & Ranginui

What we care about

We have embarked on a journey to sustainable development, we have teamed up and became members with the Rotorua Sustainable Charter to assist us on adopting better practice, in implementing sustainability initiatives within our company, responsible waste management and measuring our carbon footprint. 

We want to be part of The Sustainability Movement to share and influence others to do the same. One fish and a scoop of chips at a time.

Little things: About Us

Little things



We are committed to sourcing sustainable seafood and are proud supporters of local, seasonal and sustainable produce. 

The majority of our packaging are compostable or biodegradable.

Lucky to have local companies sharing the same values

Lux Organics 

Star Fish supply limited

Karma Drinks

No Issue 

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Our objective is to reduce our waste to landfill, and now that we have measured our Carbon emission, it will help us understand and focus on implementing sustainable chain supply and waste management practices there by minimizing our environmental impact and help conserve precious resource.

We ask you to help us by placing items in the appropriately marked bins in-store. 



We value the awesome community that we have built around our River's catch and as much as possible try and learn and spread the good word of responsible sourcing and waste management.

While we are only a small business, we do our best to support our local community 

Rotorua Trails trust

Little things: Our Team
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